Scalefast Raises $22M to shape the future of Direct-to-Consumer

25th July 2020
Our partner Scalefast just announced a funding round of $22M, they plan to use this new funds to expand their workforce, international footprint and product offering to further support the development of their clients.

This Series B funding validates Scalefast unique approach in helping brands expand and scale their direct-to-consumer. During the COVID-19, Scalefast further demonstrated its capacity to support brands responding to such unexpected event by offering its services to brands needing to increase product availability to consumers through a rapid move towards DTC sales, launching stores in as little as 15 days.

Scalefast, whose customers includes global leading players such as L’Oréal, FLIR and Square Enix, saw a growth of 200% year-over-year. “Everyone struggles with the necessary trade-off requirements attached to move one’s brand online. And it takes a subtle set of tools to maximize the revenue impact, the content and the experience all-in-one. Scalefast is disrupting the sector and enabling commerce at your fingertips. It is becoming a standardized platform, a must have for its unmatched flexibility and fluidity”, said Red Herring’s jury.

“Our vision has always been that brands should deliver a perfect eCommerce experience directly to the consumer, not intermediaries. As brands have had to adapt quickly to a new reality over the past few months, the need for rapid digital transformation that allows retailers and brands much needed flexibility to scale has never been more critical,” said Scalefast CEO, Nicolas Stehle. “With this latest fundraise, we are able to uniquely position Scalefast to provide the necessary tools for a flawless direct-to-consumer experience unhindered by third-parties”.

“In reality, most brands are massively under-performing in a direct-to-consumer capacity,” said Fabrice Grinda, Founding Partner of FJLabs, “Building, operating and scaling their own channel simply can’t be solved by the software that is currently out there. Scalefast has built a unique business-as-a-service approach which, combined with its robust and flexible SaaS-based technology, allows brands to quickly scale a fully-functional DTC channel and expand abroad without risk.”

According to Keith Nilsson, Managing Partner of Xplorer Capital “By delivering the only comprehensive and flexible solution for brands looking to sell directly and scale globally in just a matter of weeks, Scalefast is leading the charge of challenging the status quo in DTC eCommerce and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”