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Scalefast Post Covid Customers Report

1 September 2020

Scalefast – Post-COVID Report

Customers behavior has changed permanently

Customers can be worried if they cannot access their favorite products

Perception of ecommerce operations excellence is changing

The study, conducted online by our partner Scalefast with research company YouGov, uncovered customers changing behavior and expectations regarding their shopping experience moving forward.

Reassuring Customers

29% might be anxious about not being able to find the products they are looking for

28% admit they will be less interested to try items in a store

20% are scared the brands they like might go out of business

It is key to address those anxieties and reassure customers through increased communications, robust marketing as well as a good information process.

New customer behaviors

24% of consumers say that their shopping habits will have changed permanently

36% will be comfortable returning to stores immediately

24% say they will be more likely to purchase directly from a brand’s shop

Brands are being forced to re-think their distribution strategy managing both online and offline sales as well as finding the right mix of retailers, direct-to-consumer and marketplaces.

Changing perception of ecommerce operations

45% are planning to be more patient regarding longer delivery windows

27 % will pay more attention to shipping costs

22 % are expecting more flexible return policies

Brands need to adapt their direct-to-consumer strategy to those significant changes in how the customer is thinking about their purchases.

Those changing times are creating a world of new opportunities for brands. If positioned properly, brands will be able to win new and direct customers, strengthening they relationship with them and ultimately increasing their margin. A growing direct-to-consumer channel will also provide more leverage to better compete with big marketplaces and retailers. Finally, by adopting the right business approach and technology brands can test various idea and scenarios to identify what resonates best to their clients and create this extra added value that will match their needs and expectations.