Experts at your fingertip

Get instant access to the right experts when you need them. On a specific topic, for a specific country or an emergency situation like COVID-19.
Did you know that if you don’t offer the payment with an invoice in the German part of Switzerland you lose 30% of your customers?
Fulfilment best practices by country, payment methods, anti-fraud experts, customer care, data management, website optimization, etc.

Client-first Customer care

Excellent service is at the core of the customer shopping experience and we treat it with the utmost priority. Our multi-lingual team is specially trained to locate and manage transactional issues in local time zones. Your brands can rest assured that their customer base and shop are being well taken care of 24/7.

We strive to reduce the number of contact points upfront with a seamless shopping experience and clear customer communication. Our analytics experts will always refer to further site optimizations to improve site efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Always at your service with Teams-as-a-Service (TAAS)

sQale is a critical member of your eCommerce team. We offer deep expertise in international eCommerce to help expand your business by providing you with necessary daily support as well as ongoing development. We hold regular bi-weekly meetings (either in-person or virtual) to track and plan activities on your shop. Unlike other platforms, sQale provides hands-on, tactical support with the help of our eCommerce experts and web developers to help you grow, operate and customize your online store.