Local entities

Without making any changes to their organization, DTC retailers can leverage our global network of legal entities to manage local cross-border bank accounts and the processing of local payment methods. sQale will handle all your tax liabilities, merchant banking, international currencies, and remittances. Customers have different and evolving payment habits depending on where they are based, and up to 30% of your customer transactions can be rejected if bank accounts are not local to the same country. sQale helps you stay up to date with local best practices and new payment systems as any new implementations on our platforms automatically serve our clients without added development time or costs.


sQale acts as your Merchant of Record, Seller of Record, and Importer of Record. This means we look after collecting and remitting VAT in each country, sales tax in each US county, eco-tax, and any other local regulations. We can also look after import tax depending on how your business is structured.

Financial reconciliation

sQale manages all your customer invoices—and we really mean all of them. From payments to B2B partners, marketing affiliates, influencer commissions, and other third-party providers, we’ll take care of everything so your team is freed up to chase after new sales—not bills. Instead of multiple invoices and accounting tools, you’ll only ever receive one single invoice from us each month. We are also looking after financial reconciliation at a group level across brands and markets to best comply with your internal organization.

Legal Compliance

Stay up-to-date and compliant with local regulations and data protection laws.
sQale will ensure your consumer privacy practices and business operations are always in alignment with current laws, legislation, and regulation. sQale specializes in GDPR, CCPA, and ADA compliance along with, regulations on the sale of exotic goods, and the safe shipment of batteries.