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Scalefast and QoQa are joining forces to bring you a combined 26 years of eCommerce expertise. We believe that Scalefast’s platform and ecosystem combined with QoQa’s know-how and merchant expertise can be a true game changer for brands looking to develop their online presence at a global scale.

We are well aware of how difficult and costly it is to set up first class eCommerce operations.

We take care of all the eCommerce hassle at a global level from the first click to the final delivery. We help you save time and money while improving your user experience and sales.

Scalefast, the end-to-end ecommerce platform for enterprise, makes it fast and simple to launch your direct-to-consumer ecommerce channel and accelerate brand growth. Whether you’re looking to modernize, launch into new global markets or jump-start brand growth, Scalefast is a proven partner for success. Scalefast is the ecommerce accelerator.

For more than 13 years, along with its family, Qsport, Qooking, Qwine, Qbeer and Qids) has been a part of everyday life in Switzerland.

Our team of more than 100 people hunts incredible offers, searches for secret tips, supports charities and launches crazy projects such as PiQasso on a daily basis

QoQa’s unique spirit is gathering an engaged Qommunity of more than 600,000 people on its platform, making it one of the leading eCommerce companies and the most innovative player in Switzerland.

Combined numbers

Management Team

Nicolas Rattaz


Joann Dobler


Stéphane Grivat


Pascal Meyer


Fabio Monte


Nicolas Stehle


Jérome Neuvéglise

Business Developer

Lawrence Ullmann

Business Developer

Amandine Soares

Client Success

And 150 passionate experts